2020 Stop the Silence Walk

I would Love your Support!!
I would Love your Support!!


On April 25th, I will join thousands of others on a 5k walk as part of the Sister's Network "Stop the Silence" Breast Cancer Walk.

 I, Kendra Guzman, will be serving as a Team Captain for this event. The goal is to increase awareness of breast cancer, to highlight survivors (myself included), and Honor my beloved mother (Jacqueline Wright) and others who lost loved ones to Breast Cancer.  This event is also important because it provides services to those who may be uninsured or unable to afford treatment.

I am asking you for your financial support for this event and good cause.

I know firsthand what it is like to lose a loved one to breast cancer. My mom passed away in 2018, after 1st fighting in 2006 and under going a mastectomy. Then to she fought again a re-occurance in 2016 and after a long hard 2 year fight, she was taken from us by this horrible disease. If she had been able to afford health insurance maybe we could have caught and sought medical attention sooner.  This is such an important cause to bring awareness to because in the midst of my mother's 2nd fight, I went to get tested and I was too diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. I found out in 2018 officially. I underwent a double mastectomy as further preventative precaution. Thankfully mine was caught earlier.  I know that my mom would be proud of my efforts because we have walked in this walk since 2012.

I would love to have your support in this event. You can make a donation directly to my team by clicking this link.


You can also come out and walk along side me at the walk by joining my team and registering with this link.


Last year I was able to raise $1,700, will you help me reach my goal this year of $3,000.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Breast Cancer and my efforts to bring awareness for those who need assistance in this fight.  My prayer is that others don't have to go through the experience of breast cancer or to have to lose a loved one too early.

Help me spread the word to young women and men to educate themselves by knowing their family history, getting tested, and supporting survivors.


Kendra Guzman,



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Thank you to our Stop the Silence Walk Sponsors!